During summertime here are the schedule for workshops and trainings in Europe, for infos about individual sessions please send me an email.


July 4,5,6
Movement From The Inside Out
Centro Mousike
Via Panzini 1
40127 Bologna, Italia
Tel # +39 (0) 051.505528
e mail:

Somatics and Awareness in our
Movement will be the base in our
exploration and improvisation work
alone, in duets, trios and group.

July 17-21
The Way of MuShin
Bolozon, France
Contact: Lucie Lemaitre
It is located close to Bourg-en-Bresse
in the Montagne du Jura. It is a unique space and atmosphere and everyday we will go out into nature to explore MuShin in this beautiful area of France. It is highly recommended to register early. Please see below for more information on the workshop and accommodations.

July 27-30
The Art of Movement
Braunnegger. 60
Konstanz, Germany 78462
+49 (0)7531-21920

This will be the 18th year I will work at
Tanzform under the direction of the
generous and gracious Elke Scheller.
The work will explore our movement through the Somatic model and move into improvisation in duet’s, trio’s and quartets.

August 5-9
Movement for Every Body
Institut für Integrative Gestalttherapie
Friedrich-Ebert-Ring 7
D - 97072 Würzburg
Contact: Tel.: 0049 - (0) 931/9709 1234
St Arbogast, Austria

Movement as a resource in the
therapeutic process is the underlying
theme of this seminar.

August 14-18
Movement From
The Inside Out

Bern, Switzerland
Contact: Carmen Aufdereggen
e mail:

Participants can participate from
Wednesday through Friday, or Friday, Saturday and Sunday or all five days.
We encourage participants to attend all five days and understand that some people have other commitments and want to include those who have that limitations.
The workshop will focus on nourishing our Kinesthetic presence, exploring Improvisation and practicing MuShin.

August 24-September 2
4th phase of the Basel Training
Frank Hediger at
We are beginning to take
registration for a new training
to take place in Basel Switzerland
in 2020. If interested, and
for further information in this two year training in Somatics East/West,
Performance, and Creativity please
contact Frank at the email address

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